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Union Temple Baptist Church (UTBC) is a place where you get SANCTIFICATION, LIBERATION, JUSTIFICATION and EDUCATION... all under one roof!


Our Presence in Anacostia

UTBC is a community based spiritual institution that acts a stabilizing force in East of the River, Anacostia area of Washington, DC. UTBC is dedicated to staying in Washington, DC and serving ALL people. As an institution, UTBC recognizes that the work of the church is critical to the well-being of the community. As a result, we provide a variety of social programs and ministries for the members of the church, resident of Washington DC, and through our global missions programs. We believe that the real work of the church is outside of the walls of the church!


"As an Africentric church, we embrace the African way of thinking, being, and acting. We understand that African-based worship embodies primacy of the SPIRIT, which is our authentic culture, expressed in the shout and dance as gateways to access the power of God".

Rev. Dr. Willie F. Wilson, Senior Pastor Emeritus

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