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"Get Involved"

Volunteer on a UTeam at Union Temple... 

"You begin as a volunteer and end up as family"

Use your gifts and skills to make a difference in serving online or at our campus. 


Signing up for UTeam is a great way to get connected and involved at Union Temple. We are all gifted with unique abilities and talents, we will help you to find the perfect U-Team so that you can serve in the area that you are passionate about. 


Communications- assist UTBC with sharing information on various platforms to reach all generations. In this area, you can also support graphics and branding and assist with social media management.

Bro. Derrick McKelvin


Production - Help create an atmosphere of worship by operating cameras, screens, lights, sound and pre-roll, and other pre-recorded content. Bro. Derrick McKelvin and Sis. Kelly Buchanan


Outreach - Assist with outreach efforts to provide food and support to those in need. Our Village Keepers serves the homeless twice monthly and our COVID-19 Elder Outreach team delivers meals to our seniors weekly. Sis. Sonya Cooper


Intercessors - Join the team that is covering our Pastor, Leaders, Congregation, and Community in prayer. Min. Nyesha Sherman Lanes


Ujima Farms - UJima means collective work and responsibility. We have created a community farm at Union Temple as a cost-effective way to get fresh healthy food for our congregation and community. All are welcome to participate in the planting and harvesting process. Remember many hands make light work!  Bro. Jose Long

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